Cineventura produces feature-length films for cinemas and television, with a focus on art, cult, and literature

Active for several decades and located in Amsterdam, Cineventura has produced and co-produced numerous Dutch and international feature films, such as Paul Chevrolet and the Ultimate Hallucination and The Publishers (Lijmen/Het Been). Starring Peter Faber as crime novelist Paul Chevrolet, opposite Eddie Constantine as gangster boss Boy Pappa, the film classic Paul Chevrolet and the Ultimate Hallucination (directed by Pim de la Parra) was the only Dutch film to be selected for the main program of the Berlin Filmfest, and it became a European top ten success, earning several nominations in France, Italy and Greece.

Caribbean love

The Caribbean film Odyssey of Love was completed with the same director, based on a script by Dorna van Rouveroy, Rudi F. Kross and Frank Martinus Arion, receiving the Audience Award at the International Filmfestival of Sao Paulo. Cineventura also produced or co-produced a number of dramas aimed at international audiences, with distinguished actors such as George Kennedy, Adrian Brine, Pierce Brosnan, Alexandra Paul, Marjorie Barnes, Sylvia Kristel, William Devane and John Van Dreelen. Titles include Intensive Care aka Deadly Treatment, An Amsterdam Tale (directed by Dorna van Rouveroy) and Alistair MacLean’s Night Watch (directed by Peter Jackson), in association with A.M. Films, J&M Entertainment and Allard Pierson Film. 

Classic drama

The literary drama The Publishers (Lijmen/Het Beenwas based on a novel by acclaimed Flemish author Willem Elsschot. This feature, directed by Robbe De Hert and adapted for the screen by Ruud den Drijver, marked one of the few symbiotic Flemish/Dutch collaborations. It was the only film in which the prominent Dutch actresses Willeke van Ammelrooy and Sylvia Kristel performed together. Other leading roles were played by Belgian actors Koen de Bouw and Mike Verdrengh as a duo of impostors. The literary film drew more than a hundred thousand visitors to the cinemas, and it received the Critics Award for ‘Best Film of the Year’. At the Netherlands Film Festival, Willeke van Ammelrooy was awarded a Golden Calf for ‘Best Actress’. 

Broader scope

Following these productions, Cineventura broadened the scope to animation and documentary. This resulted in the feature documentary Kingdom in a World at War, in collaboration with VPRO Television and the History Channel, and the feature-length animated package film Bouillabaisse, directed by Ruud den Drijver, Juan de Graaf, Hisko Hulsing, Milan Hulsing and others. Currently Cineventura has several new feature films in development.

Still from the Dutch film classic Paul Chevrolet and the Ultimate Hallucination, with Cas Enklaar © MMXXI by Cineventura U.A.