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Cineventura Animation produced the largest number of animated films in Dutch cinemas, from the short film Red Light Diaries, to the feature-length animated package film Bouillabaisse

Animated films by Cineventura were twice selected as the official Dutch entry for the Oscars, winning many international awards, including New York’s Tribeca Award. 

Dutch animation talents

A number of great Dutch talents were launched with these films, such as animators Juan de Graaf, Hisko Hulsing, Milan Hulsing, Marissa Delbressine, Linde Faas, Linda Verholt, Hans Richter and Awik Balaian, and screenwriters Ruud den Drijver, Rob de Barbanson and Sjaak Vlaming. Designs were also made by well-known artists Jan Cremer, Sylvia Kristel, Dick Briel, Dick Matena and Daan Jippes. The executive producer for most of these productions was filmmaker Dorna van Rouveroy. 

Animated feature

The first animated short by Cineventura was Red Light Diaries, which premiered at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam, and was released in the cinemas as a curtain raiser with the feature film Bastards and Bridesmaids. This short was followed by Harry Rents a Room, which was released with eXistenZSammy was released in the Netherlands with the documentary The Baby. Other animated shorts, including Topor and Me, Seventeen, Oblomov’s Cat and Magic Show, were also released in Dutch cinemas. Topor and Me was later released in the US, with Fantastic Planet, by Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. Following these short films, the feature-length animated package film Bouillabaisse premiered at the KaBoom! animation festival of Amsterdam.


Cineventura also produced the animation for Gravesend, directed by artist and Academy Award-winner Steve McQueen. Currently, Cineventura is developing an animated feature film in collaboration with Stichting Filmproject, with story coach Bill Plympton.

Still from Topor and Me, by artist Sylvia Kristel © MMXXI by Cineventura U.A.