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Cineventura Docs produces feature-length documentaries and documentary shorts for movie theatres and television, with a focus on history, art, and literature

Deeply hidden

Kingdom in a World at War, made in collaboration with VPRO Television/History Channel, was shot on location in Arizona in the U.S., in Indonesia, in Suriname, and on the Dutch Antilles. Directed by Indonesian-born Dorna van Rouveroy, it provides a rare view of Dutch colonial history during WWII, including a visit to the former prison camp ‘Jew Savannah’, deeply hidden in the Surinamese jungle. 

Acclaimed author

The Multatuli Element, released in 2022, depicts the life of Holland’s most important writer: Eduard Douwes Dekker, nicknamed ‘Multatuli‘, the author of the acclaimed novel Max Havelaar. This new doc is penned by Tribeca Award-winning writer Ruud den Drijver, with historian Tom van der Geugten. Frequently, animations are used. Cineventura has also produced the animation for Gravesend, directed by Academy Award-winner Steve McQueen, in association with Marian Goodman Productions in New York. Animations for both documentaries are designed and filmed by Juan de Graaf, known for the acclaimed Topor and Me. In a newsreel for the Amsterdam sculpture route, ArtZuid, hosted by artist and bestselling author Jan Cremer, the statue ‘Golden Turtle’, created by Belgian artist Jan Fabre, was animated. 

Dutch art scene

documentary portrait of the Dutch art scene in Paris is currently in production, featuring interviews with trend watcher Lidewij Edelkoort and others. Cineventura is also developing a filmed portrait of Dutch Indonesian comic strip artists and a historical feature documentary focussing on Dutch silent movie stars Lou Tellegen and Sarah Bernhardt. Documentaries by Cineventura are distributed by a.o. Cinema Delicatessen, VPRO Television, Channel Four in the UK, History Channel, Dutch theme channel ONS, Cultura, the Tribeca Institute, and Amazon.

Underwater photography on the island of Bonaire © MMXXI by Cineventura U.A.