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Jan Cremer the Inexorable
Written and Directed by RUUD DEN DRIJVER
Artwork by DICK MATENA
© MMXII Jan Cremer Inc., New York, London Cineventura, Amsterdam
Story outline:


A fierce, realistic animation film of the artist Jan Cremer during his starting period as a painter in Paris, where he introduced "peinture barbarisme", followed by his stay as a best-selling novelist in New York in the sixties, hobnobbing with the likes of Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan, continuing as a Hollywood scriptwriter, dating film diva Jayne Mansfield to whom he had dedicated his first novel. A dramatic, poetic hodge-podge about his loves and his rebellion against the vested order, his rise from poverty to millionaire and back again and at the same time a realistic document, a true and compelling view of a turbulent time phase; a pictorial time bomb, filled to the brim with sex and anti-violence, never becoming obscure, obscene, mean, dirty or debauched (as reported by the Reformed Weekly). It purports to disclose the true person within the phenomenon Jan Cremer. Based on the Graphic Novel with art by famed Dutch comic strip artist Dick Matena, written by Ruud den Drijver.

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